Lesson 1 - Seeing your need and believing in Jesus - Part 1

Before taking this course, Jesus' impact on my life was - what?

A. None...I did not know Him.

B. Heard about Him, but never thought much of Him.

C. I knew He saved me from my sins!

What do you think of Jesus so far?

A. Still feel like I don't know anything about Him.

B. I have heard about Him now, but still don't know much about Him.

C. He is a good teacher.

D. He is the Son of God... my Savior... and my Lord.

What do you think about what Jesus says about sin – is this a problem for you?

A. No, sin is not a problem for me.

B. Yes, I make mistakes, but I’m not nearly as bad as most people.

C. Yes, I make mistakes, but my good days (good behavior) are more than my bad days (bad behavior).

D. Yes, I definitely have a sin problem. I ask for Jesus' help to fix my sin problem.

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