Signs of the Son

Come witness the miracles of the most famous person to ever walk the planet.

Signs of the Son

Signs of the Son

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Signs of the Son
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Course description

Signs of the Son is a free course guided by an experienced one-on-one mentor we call a Coach. It is an interactive course designed to uncover the true identity of the most talked about person in all of history. The 8 short video lessons and biblical stories will allow you to see, hear, and read the story of this person. In the process, you may just find your own life changing. 

  • Cost: Free!
  • Time Commitment: Each lesson will take around 45 mins. to an hour to complete (that’s 6-8 hours total), depending on how much you discuss with your coach.  
  • Duration: You have 18 days to get started and 35 days to complete all 8 lessons.

Course content

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Explaining the Course
Sign 1- Jesus at the Wedding
1.1 Discuss
1.2 Watch
1.3a Explore
1.3b Explore
1.3c Explore
1.4 Share
Sign 2- Jesus Heals an Official's Son
2.1 Discuss
2.2 Watch
2.3a Explore
2.3b Explore
2.3c Explore
2.4 Share
Sign 3- The Healing of a Crippled Man
3.1 Discuss
3.2 Watch
3.3a Explore
3.3b Explore
3.4 Share
Summary after 3 Signs
Sign 4- The Feeding of 5,000+
4.1 Discuss
4.2 Watch
4.3a Explore
4.3b Explore
4.4 Share
Sign 5- Walking on Water
5.1 Discuss
5.2 Watch
5.3 Explore
5.4 Share
Sign 6- The Healing of a Man Born Blind
6.1 Discuss
6.2 Watch
6.3a Explore
6.3b Explore
6.3c Explore
6.4 Share
Summary after 6 Signs
Sign 7- The Raising Up of Lazarus
7.1 Discuss
7.2 Watch
7.3a Explore
7.3b Explore
7.3c Explore
7.4 Share
Sign 8- The Great Sign
8.1 Discuss
8.2 Watch
8.3a Explore
8.3b Explore
8.3c Explore
The Purpose of John's Gospel and this Course
What you believe
8.4 Share and Goodbye
Resources and Certificate

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