Beginning to Hear God's Word

Did you know God has provided a way for you to hear from Him everyday, at any given moment? Come and see how He's done it and how you can continually grow in your journey with Him.

Beginning to Hear God's Word

Beginning to Hear God's Word

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Beginning to Hear God's Word
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Course description

With God's help you will learn in this course:

  • How to set up a daily time and method to hear from God
  • Some basic questions to ask as you listen
  • A storyline of History
  • The central person found throughout this story
  • To become more comfortable interacting with different parts of the most famous book in the world
  • You have the opportunity to click on an "Ask Question" button in the course and have a Discipleship Coach matched with you for guidance.

Course content

Hearing From God
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The Book of Books
The Best News Ever
The Story With Four Parts
What's in the Bible?
How Do I Start?
How to Use this Class
Day 1 Insight
Day 1 Reading
Day 2 Insight
Day 2 Reading
Day 3 Insight
Day 3 Reading
Day 4 Insight
Day 4 Reading
Day 5 Insight
Day 5 Reading
Day 6 Insight
Day 6 Reading
Day 7 Insight
Day 7 Reading
Listening to God for 30 Days
Reflect, Thank God, & Find Your Community

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